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3rd-Oct-2009 09:09 pm - Nmai's Birthday
Today Nami her birthday :) We kinda just hung around lots and ate the we made nifty spiders :D

We went to Build a Bear and I made a totally sexy teddy... yeahhh... :3

We stopped at a store on the way home and I blasted Kaya's Chocolat and I got the best "WTF face" EVER from some lady. Yeahhh fun times!!

22nd-Sep-2009 01:11 pm - First Day of Autumn!
Today is the first day of Autumn came and brought with it a whole new blast of energy! WOOH!
I woke up feeling hyper and that was so unusual for me I just had to tell everyone! But I had tea and got too warm so now I'm still hyper but sleepy ~_~

19th-Sep-2009 12:29 pm - Sheer Boredom (or is it insanity?)!
Out of sheer boredom (or is it insanity?), I'm sitting on my bedroom floor, blasting Versailles and having a picnic with my dog! Woo! I just thought you all should know♪ Now I'm thirsty, I'll drink my glorious jasmine tea♪♪♪
18th-Sep-2009 10:43 am - Can I go back to sleep now?!
I've been so sleepy lately!! What happened to the usual burst of energy I get with Fall? All I've been doing lately is helping my mom with things around the house, eating, trying to get in some healthy sunshine rays (-__-) and sleeping :O So I apologize, to all I've been ignoring and/or not replying to I'm deeeeply sorry ´Д` This weekend I shall spend sleeping and maybe by Monday I should have my energy back??  >.< Am I getting old or something?? >O<
Speaking of old, my birthday is coming up next month ♪♪♪ As for gifts I would like strawberries or a swirly lolli!! XD

See? Me is easy to please... for the most part ^__^ If you  want to super please me, I love anything having to do with the band Versailles, yeah, I think just about anyone who knows me knows that! -__-  Terumi is a sworn metal child!

Before I go off on another rabbit trail, I must be off to check my e-mail and clean my room :-/

27th-Aug-2009 10:01 pm - The Lazy Days of Summer....
I'm so lazyyy lately maybe cause it's near the end of summer?... All I wanna do is eat, sleep and drink my tea...that's basically all I've been up to...sitting around sipping my tea. I drink lemon zinger in th morning, jasmine at lunch, more jasmine or chamomile in the afternoon and Sleepy Time before bed. Isn't tea just fabulous?

Afternoon naps are fabulous too nyaaa :3

Since I'm not feeling particularly lazy at the moment, I shall upload some photography of me and my best friend from vacation. Then it's tea time and off to bed for me!
25th-Aug-2009 02:13 pm - Jasmine Yuu's Passing
Ok now I'll tell you about what had me down the other day and now today. The other news I heard while on vacation was about my beloved Versailles. My sister told me through IM that Jasmine Yuu AKA Kageyama Yuuichi  had died on August 9th. It was three days later I had heard the news. Of course my immediate reaction was shock and disbelief. I spoke, not paying attention to the words coming out of my mouth. I had no clue what I was saying, just some words to express my shock (most likely I swore... It's what I do when I'm shocked).  I said to her, "Jasmine? You gotta be kidding!"
Of course I had to find a reliable source for the news.
2009.8.9 「Versailles」 Urgent Announcement: Though Jasmine You had taken time off in order to rest because of poor physical condition, we received a report that early in the morning on August 9, he died. Because of the extreme abruptness of this news, the members and staff are all dumbfounded and trying hard to accept this it. As soon as his family has been notified and updated as to the details and we receive their permission, we will further report to all of the fans. Moreover, with the current announcement, in regards to activity, please allow us to postpone it.

I just couldn't get it to sink in. Beautiful, always hilarious, eccentric Jasmine Yuu just couldn't be gone!

I discovered
Versailles some time around last October. They were the most beautiful band I had ever heard. This was the kind of metal that's just my type! Vampires and Nobles... I immediately fell in love with everything about the band; the music, the costumes, the story and especially each members unique personalities.

My first impression of Jasmine was "Wow, he's so odd!" and I think it's what made me like him. In some ways his weird, off-beat personality reminded me of yours truly *smiles*  I came to love everything about him. His smile, his silly magic tricks, his fashion sense, his unique sense of humor. I thought to my self "This is someone I definitely want to meet!"  Jasmine Yuu became a fashion icon, a role-model and an object of one of my silly fangirl crushes.  Though I never met him, he became like a friend to me through his blog entries. His were always my favorite to read. He never failed to amuse me or cheer me up with his wacky ways of saying things.  I looked forward to reading them wondering "What will Jasmine Yuu say today?"  He was a distraction from my life's problems and a cheery guy no matter what.  While I was on vacation I thought to myself, " Wow, I'm really missing Jasmine's cheery words.How odd is that? Is it possible to miss someone you don't even know?"
Coming home and reading all of Jasmine's fans goodbyes and beautiful words was what made the reality of him being gone really sink in.  I would never get to hear his guitar live or listen to his lovely voice say "Nice to meet you" and see his amazing smile for real.  I feel so bad for his band mates and family, for them to have lost such a lovely person.

But now I think of Jasmine as an angel and hope to meet him in heaven one day!  Good bye Jasmine, fragrant little flower, never withering rose

Jasmine has helped me make two important decisions. One: I have wanted to change my name to a flower name and my favorite was Jasmine (Rose is too common). So maybe when I come of age I'll become ★Jasmine Yuu★ Two: Now it's totally official, I'm not going to marry Jasmine Yuu! I guess I'll have to go with Teru or Hizaki~

Sorry  for that joke, I make stupid jokes when I'm sad, it's my strange way of coping!

Versailles was and will always be my life, my love and my inspiration! They mean everything to me!
24th-Aug-2009 03:11 pm - Terumi is back...
So I have been away for forever and a half, I know but it's not like anyone besides Riku cares anyway nah? :-/  I do have an excuse for being away so long. I spent a ton of time in PA this year. After coming home from PA in July I decided I needed a family free vacation so on the 4th I was back to PA again and just came home to my own bed, pillow and computer, the only things I really ever miss when I'm gone -__-
So, while I was in PA I got some news... I wouldn't exactly call both of it bad news but... It's official now (or will be Friday), my mother and father broke up. It's not like it was much of a shock for me. I have been waiting for it for about ten years now so it's not big news for me or anything. Remember how I said my Grandfather was  more like a father to me then my actual one? Yes, now more then ever I feel that way. But don't worry I am not sad that things turned out that way. It could be a good thing for our family. Maybe now my mother will be a better person? Don't count on it Terumi-chan...
So if you couldn't tell by my odd indifference about my father, this isn't what's getting me down. I will tell you more about it later today depending on how long it takes for me to clean up here :-/

21st-Jul-2009 04:03 pm - Lazyyy
Too lazy to post pics... maybe tomorrow. My computer was having problems so I couldn't before. Now they are fixed!!! I hope...
I have to do some job apps and lotsa laundry, some shopping and dinner. Then maybe I'll write more.........

26th-Jun-2009 10:58 pm - This Might be My Last Post
From home that is :) Cause tomorrow I shall be doing last minute prep for vacation, ≧ヘ≦ going  to my cousins birthday and returning yet another poopy zune :(
Today was a pretty good day. Me,my sisters and cousin went with my father to get ice cream :D He was in an unusually good mood so it was fun. We listened to Micheal Jackson the whole way to the ice cream store and the way back we danced to MJ. When we got home we cranked the radio up and danced to Beat It! XD
When we got home we(sisters and cousin)  had a dancing party and we listened to Aural Vampire, Gackt's Vanilla  and a bunch of random pop songs. :D
Also, I got my  Versailles ☆☆☆☆☆Ascendead Master ☆☆☆☆☆CD today ☆☆☆☆☆ Now I just have to wait for it to come nya...
So umm see ya in PA I guess!

I'll miss all my internet friends! Nyaaaa <3
25th-Jun-2009 08:34 am - Speedo Count down!

Three more days! Zujou kazoe yubi oru count down Let's go! 3-2-1 make some noise! >.< Only three days till my PA vacation! Woo! I'm so excited I'm singing  Japanese rap! Yup that's how boring it is here. I can't wait to get away :) Just three more boring days of doing laundry,packing and getting ready!  Now... to find more music for my trip to keep me entertained on the long ride! >:D Too bad my new CD wont be here till I get home :(

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